Mike Greene

The Mike Greene Box Set is a 40 year musical retrospective containing 10 of Mike’s CD’s. From the earliest recordings of Mike and the Band in High School all the way to “Pocket of a Thief” which was released in 2011, the collection is the complete musical works of Mike to date. The CD’s are individually shrink wrapped in their original CD packaging with lots of information and pictures contained on the CD’s themselves. The box set also contains information about all of the musicians, singers and production people who worked with Mike on all 10 CD’s.

Pocket of a Thief

10 Disc Box Set
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10 Disc Box Set
Released 2012

Sampling of songs included in this set:

  1. Hermetically Sealed - free download - speaker
  2. Love That Sets You Free
  3. They Come In The Night - free download - speaker
  4. Pocket of a Thief - free download - speaker
  5. Song For Rose
  6. Million Miles Away - free download - speaker
  7. Jay Bluweesie
  8. Perfect Smile - free download - speaker
  9. One More Night
  10. Someone Else
  11. How Insensitive
  12. Love of My Life
Produced by Mike Greene
See individual CD's for more details
Musicians include:

Mike Greene
Michael Brecker
David Brown
Bunny Brunel
Ray Gomez
Jeff Kievet
Tony MacAlpine
Mike Melvoin
Hani Naser
Simone Phillips
Gary Ponder
Eric Rehl
J.R. Robinson
Andy Snitzer
Mike Thevis jr

Steve Vai
Robbie Gongales
Bill Hatcher
Mike Holbrook
Skip Lane
David Michael
Rande Powell
Barry Richman
James Stroud
Tony Waters
N'dugu Chancler
Jill Dellabate
Floyd Domino
Leslie Lewis
Karen Ramone

Dave Sanger
Larry Seyer
Spencer Starnes
Vaneese Thomas
Mitch Watkins
Jeff Kievet
Rene Toledo
Ray Benson
Farrell Morris
N'dugu Chancler
Mike Melvoin
Bernie Torelli
Neil Larsen
Carlos Martinez
Guru Vir

Singers include:
Mike Greene Arturo Sandoval Jason Roberts  
Jill Dellabate Michael Brecker Andy Snitzer  
Leslie Lewis John Mills Wendy Moten  
Karen Ramone Michael Melvoin Dean Brothers  
Vaneese Thomas Frank Gambale    

Special Thanks:
The Boys, Mom and Dad, Phil and Karen, Peg,
All the Great Musicians (especially Bunny), Singers,
Technical Folks (especially Elliot and Frank), The Artist Tribe Team, Bob T.,
My Dogs and Cats Past and Present, and All my Friends Who Continue to
Encourage Me and Put Up with My Nonsense!

Lonely MonsterPocket of a Thief
Released 2011
Lonely MonsterLonely Monster
Released 2011
Lonely MonsterOn Tenterhooks
Released 2011
escapeA Loss for Words
Released 2011
Lonely MonsterPale, Pale Moon
Originally released in 1976
Lonely MonsterMidnight Mirage
Originally released in 1977
escapeEscape From the Woodshed
Released 2009
escapeThey Come in the Night
Released 2011
escapeA Delicate Balance
Released 2011
Released 2011
escape10 CD Box Set
Released 2012

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