Mike Greene Lonely Monster

Lonely Monster contains songs I wrote in the mid 90’s. Phil Ramone and I produced these tracks with the exception of “Love Knocks Twice” which I did in Austin with Ran Benson and the boys. Many of these songs are heart breakers so I thought the title “Lonely Monster” seemed apropos.

Lonely Monster

Lonely Monster
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Lonely Monster
Released 2011
  1. You Woke Me Up - free download - speaker
  2. Love Knocks Twice
  3. Dreaming In Black & White & Red
  4. Gangsta Samurai - free download - speaker
  5. This Angel Must Fly
  6. New Mojo
  7. Rebel Grows
  8. Malibu Road - free download - speaker
  9. Gone Too Long
  10. One More Night
  11. Someone Else
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Produced by Mike Greene and Phil Ramone

Mixed by Elliot Scheiner, Phil Ramone and Mike Greene
Engineers: Frank Filipetti, Elliot Scheiner, Eric Schilling, Geoff Walcha
(Love Knocks Twice: Chris Burns, Larry Seyer)
Control Room Confessor: Tom Dowd
All songs written by Mike Greene (Artist Tribe Music), BMI
You Woke Me Up Inside, by Mike Greene and Bunny Brunel (Artist Tribe Music)
Horn Arrangements: Patrick Williams and Mike Greene

Musicians and Singers: David Brown, guitar; Bunny Brunel, bass; Jill Dellabate, b/g vocals;
Ray Gomez, guitar; Mike Greene, vocals, keyboards, horns, flutes, percussion;
Jeff Kievet, Flugelhorn on Malibu Road;
Leslie Lewis, b/g vocals; Wendy Moten, vocal duet on Dreaming in B/W/R; Simon Phillips, drums;
Karen Ramone, b/g vocals and goodies in the kitchen; Eric Rehl, keyboards, loops, pads;
Vaneese Thomas, b/g vocals; Rene Toledo, guitar on Mojo.
"Love Knocks Twice"; Floyd Domino, keyboards; Mike Greene, vocals, saxes, keyboards, percussion; John Mills, tenor sax, Eric Rehl, loops and pads; Dave Sanger, drums; Larry Seyer, guitar; Spencer Starnes, bass; Ray Benson, mentor.

Mastered by Bernie Grundman
Package Design: Robert Tanimoto
Cover Illustration: Jason Gurley
Cover Lettering: Robin Spehar

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Copyright © Mike Greene all rights reserved 2011