Mike Greene Escape From The Woodshed

Midnight Mirage was the Mike Greene Band’s second album containing songs I wrote in the mid ‘70’s. Based in Atlanta, the Mike Greene Band was comprised of Mike Holbrook, David Michael, Rande Powell and myself and we toured the country in support of the album.

Midnight Mirage

Midnight Mirage
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Midnight Mirage
Originally released in 1977
  1. Joni - free download - speaker
  2. Midnight Mirage - free download - speaker
  3. Down to the Wire
  4. Jay Bluweesie
  5. Perfect Smile - free download - speaker
  6. Adobe Hideaway
  7. I Need a Love
  8. Smile to Me
  9. Circles Around the Sun

Produced by Mike Greene
Antonio Reale: Engineer and Production Assistant

The Mike Greene Band:
Rande Powell: Drums and Percussion
David Michael: Guitars
Mike Greene: Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophones, and Flutes
Michael Holbrook: Bass

String Arranger/Conductor: Skip Lane
Percussion: Farrell Morris
Recorded and Mastered at The Sound Pit, Atlanta, GA.
Mixed by Tony and Mike
All songs written by Mike Greene for Artist Tribe Music, BMI

Album Design: Mike Greene and Flournoy Holmes for Wonder Graphics Inc., Atlanta, Ga.
Cover Art: Ron Vallani
Photography: Bill Fibbin and Flournoy Holmes
CD Reissue Design: Robert Tanimoto

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